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Welcome to S.T.E.M. Adventures in Outer Space, a unique high school space–based project–based curriculum! This S.T.E.M. (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) course is designed to help prepare learners for life beyond high school. This website has been set up by the teacher to encourage Parental/Guardian involvement and to verify that their child is indeed immersed in a robust project–based learning S.T.E.M. environment. Students will embark on an imaginary journey into outer space using the Common Core State Standards as it is found in the world of space exploration. Their trek will begin in the Fall semester with projects in aeronautics and aerospace, and will end in the Spring semester with projects in astronautics. Student versatility will be further enhanced by the inclusion of other learning frameworks, such as creating art, writing technical papers, participating in discussion groups, and coding spreadsheet apps to automate the mathematical process. Taking S.T.E.M. Edu

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